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  • RLN-Media

    RLN-Media is a full service direct to consumer agency specializing in on and offline lead generation. We utilize a multi-channel digital marketing approach, enabling us to reach your customers through many different sources of media. We work with clients from various industries including Reverse Mortgages, Insurance agencies, and finance companies. Our goal is to lower the cost per acquisition for our clients while increasing sales and the overall bottom line.

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    At RLN-Media we help our clients grow their business through digital marketing initiatives; including SEO, SEM, Banner Advertising, and Online Lead Generation tactics. Digital marketing has proven to be a low cost yet crucial when growing sales based business. RLN-Media utilizes niche marketing techniques to help you reach your target prospects for a fraction of the cost.

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    When utilizing the correct targeting and marketing pieces Direct Mail can still thrive as a marketing channel in the age of digital media. RLN has identified the most cost effective direct mail techniques for our clients across dozens of industries.

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    Through various lead generation technics, RLN-Media provides clients with exclusive instant leads or interested prospective customers to our clients. Based on our client's criteria, we will devise campaigns to acquire the contact information of their dream customers.

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    Although they are digital advertising channels; Radio and Television are still an effective means of introducing you to the world. RLN-Media Creates niche ads to run on Radio and Television based on...

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  • Newspaper & Magazine

    Newspaper & Magazines can be very effective in a digital world. If ran correctly, with effective metrics tracking, these campaigns can draw great results.

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